Crossdressing Achieving Desirable Curves: Simple Cheap & Effective

One of the things I like to ensure when I’m crossdressing is that I balance my figure out and, of course, try to achieve those desirable curves. By padding the hips, I can get closer to that all-important hourglass figure. In this product review, I take a look at a very well-priced hip-padded garment that also targets the waistline. There are many ways you can achieve this however I feel this is a light-weight and very affordable way especially if you are just starting off your crossdressing journey.

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Links To Products in the Review

My Standard Go to Silicone Hip pads (Large Version)
NOTE: At this time of releasing this video I have found three (3) suppliers of this garment at varying prices and I’m not sure if these links will still be working as items appear to change very quickly but here goes:



Time Stamps:

00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – How I get a VERY Curvy Waist
02:10 – What Do I usually Use to get hip
04:00 – Let’s have a look at This shapewear. Shall we

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