Crossdressing – Everything You Need To Know About Overbust Corsets you are a crossdresser or interested in crossdressing then this in-depth overbust corset review is perfect for you. This is part one of a three-part series dedicated to reviewing corsets and how they fit on primarily a genetic male body form. Each of the styles is reviewed/shown and where applicable padding and enhancers are used to fill out the corset to achieve the best shape. Links to each of the overbust corset is available below. You can skip to any of the sections in the video by using the timestamps.

This is NOT a sponsored video so the views and comments contained in this review are unbiased and reflect the findings as accurately as possible.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:25 – What is a quality made corset
04:20 – Corset One – Halter neck corset
04:58 – Corset with no padding in the hips
05:15 – Corset with Planet Pepper hip/bottom pads
07:24 – Corset Two Classic Waist Taming Corset
11:00 – Corset Three Black with Gold Brocade and front Hooks
13:08 – Corset Four Instant shape black mesh corset with semi-sheer sleeves
16:15 – Corset Five Champagne sequin overbust sleeved corset top
18:15 – Corset Six Gothic Inspired Overbust Corset.
20:07 – Corset Seven Vintage Style Overbust Daisy Corset.

Links to corset
Corset 1.
Corset 2.

Corset 3.
Corset 4.
Corset 5.
Corset 6.
Corset 7.

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