Crossdressing Outfit Of The Day Legs and Bust Are A Must Classic Playsuit

First outfit of the day video featuring a flower print BooHoo playsuit. This crossdressing presentation (also for our transgender sisters) is full of fun and is a result of requests from our subscribers so we hope you like it if you do please share it. If you live an alternative lifestyle then hopefully this will inspire you to express yourself and embrace the inner you.

Legs and bust are always a must to confuse the eye and no more so than in this male to female makeover. The outfit is topped off with a Taylor stunning long bob and high heels. From bedroom to Kitchen and a few places in between see this quaint little outfit put through its paces by Sophie.

This is not your boring man to woman makeover, I’m almost sixty yes 60! and I live my life to the full just being the best I can be. So join me on my fun outfit of the day review.

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