crossdressing wig care basics | how to shampoo & condition your wigs to keep them in good condition

#Crossdressing Wig Care Basics – You can spend a lot of money on your wigs, it is imperative you maintain them in a good condition to prolongtheir lfe. In this simple step by step video I will walk you through how to untangle your longer wigs, how to and what to use to shampoo your wigs. In addition what conditioner I use to add luster and shine to my wigs and bring them back to life.

Wearing wigs for long duations and not cleaning them on frequant basis can potentially lead to problems with your own scalp and hair so get into the habit of washing and taking care of your wigs. Listed below are the links to the products used in this demo:

1. Wig Shampoo
2. Wig Conditioner
3. Wig Stand

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