How To Attach / Glue Silicone Breast Forms and How To Clean Them After Use

In this product review, we show you in detail five different ways you can attach/secure silicone breast forms to enable you to go bra-less. The methods we explore include the use of water-based glue (Staysput), Double-sided medical tape, Silicone security strips, medical adhesive glue and removable adhesive breast form pads.

We demonstrate each of the above methods of attaching your silicone breast forms as well as two products you can use to clean both your skin and remove excess glue from the back of your breast forms.

We have listed below a small description of each of the products as well as a guide price and links:


1. Staysput Glue – is in the form of a roll-on bottle, Staysput is an invisible hypoallergenic water-washable adhesive. Designed to be compatible with Silicone Breast Forms, it stays flexible to move with your skin. This product is suitable for a wide range of applications such as holding breast prosthetics in place when going bra-less. Not suitable for heavy breast forms.
PRICE: £7.99
2. Double-Sided Tape – This medical-grade tape is flexible, breathable and comfortable to wear. It adheres well to breast forms and enhancers to help hold them securely in place. Double-sided tape strips are easy to use and won’t damage forms or enhancers.
PRICE: £19.99

3. Silicone Adhesive Strips – Thin silicone strips to help hold silicone breast forms in place when wearing fashion bras or going bra-less. These Silicone Adhesive Strips are gentle to skin as well as the forms and offer an alternative to the double-sided tape. Strips are adhesive, conform to the chest wall and are a quick, easy way to secure the forms to the body.
PRICE: £19.99

4. Hollister 7730 Medical Adhesive – This is an ideal adhesive for attaching your breast forms to your chest. We would recommend using the Hollister 7730 adhesive on size 5 forms and larger to ensure good adhesion.

5. Breast Form Adhesive Replacement Pads – Removable pads that can be applied to any form of silicone breast pad. Easy to apply and replace, this is a mess-free and great way to secure any size breast form even the very large ones. Allows you to go bra-less with confidence.
PRICE: £34.99

We have also covered how to clean the back of the breast forms to remove the excess glue build-up in this video. The two products we used were:

1. Hollister 7731 Medical Adhesive Remover – This product has been tested against all standard Silicone Breast Forms and should be used to remove breast forms from your chest and clean the back of the forms after use.
PRICE: £31.99

2. Sticky Stuff Remover – This is a great product for both cleaning the back of your breast forms and removing the residue from your chest after use. We recommend this product as it is cheap, and does a great job removing the glue from the back of your forms!
PRICE: £6 upwards but a bargain!
LINKS: Search Amazon or Ebay – You can get it is not hardware stores.

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