Lightweight Foam Breast Forms An Alternative To Silicone Breast Forms

Lightweight and affordable these foam breast forms are a great alternative to traditional silicone breast forms. Available in an oval or triangular shape in a wide array of sizes covering B to G cups. These forms provide grate shape at a fraction of the cost and weight of there silicone counterparts. Ideal for someone on a budget who needs the look but not necessarily the feel of the more expensive silicone breast forms. If you are new to crossdressing or just looking for an affordable way to achieve the more feminine figure these products may be of interest to you.

Both of the models reviewed in this video are manufactured in the United States of America by Capital Marketing Technology. Further details relating to the size range and costs can be obtained by following the links below:

LINKS to the products reviwed:

TF 802 Oval Foam Form

TF 801 Triangle Foam Form

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