Living with Crossdressing

sophie Summers

Hi, meet Savannah the author of “Living with Crossdressing”. I would encourage you if possible to invest in at least one of the books. They are full of incisive information and very inlightening.

Whilst there is no single one answer fits all sihario as you read through the book either as a crossdresser or someone plunged into the world you get a rounded view point and loads of helpful information.



Living With Crossdressing currently has two books in the series written by Savannah Haux. Each take a look at the various aspects and relationships, myths and interrelationships involved with repect to being both a crossdresser and a partner of a crossdresser.

You can obtain a current copy of these extensive publications by clicking on the respective images to your right. I can highly recommend both of them they are a breath of fresh air when it comes to potentially understanding the aspects of crossdressing.