male to female makeup transformation 2022 just because you asked

male to female makeup transformation 2022 for the more mature amongst us. This makeup transformation is a result of one of our member’s requests who wanted to know a little more about how I go about moving from my male persona to Sophie. I have listed below all the relevant links and timestamps in an effort to assist.

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00:00 – introduction
00:49 – Primer and hydration
01:17 – Reducing bags under the eyes
02:18 – Applying Leichner Full coverage foundation (techniques)
03:05 – setting the foundation under the eyes, bridge of the nose and forehead
04:06 – Applying eyeshadows
06:00 – applying eyeliner and blending
07:20 – Blending
07:44 – Lining the top lid and shaping the tear duct.
08:38 – Applying false eyelashes
08:56 – Drawing eyebrows and filling in
10:00 – Highlighting the top of the eyes with glamour sparks silver
10:23 – Applying Mascara
11:02 – Drawing and filling lips
12:05 – Applying the “blusher” trick
13:20 – Highlighting/contouring with powder.

Eyeshadow Evening Grey
SP 118 white eyeshadow
MAC Brushstroke eyeliner
MAC Lip Liner in Beet
Amazing Shine DB20 False Eyelashes
Lipstick Kryolan LCP631
Glamour Glow Highlighter


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