Pretty Eccentric Crossdresser with a passion for vintage clothing

Pretty Eccentric brand of clothing is based in Brighton and as a crossdresser with a deep passion for vintage clothing, it is my little paradise of sheer decadence and full of extremely pretty dresses and accessories the ladies would love to wear. You don’t have to be eccentric to stand out in a crowd you just need to adorn yourself with exceptional clothing and accessories!

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Pretty Eccentric is located at 10 Bond Street Brighton BN1 1RD

Pretty Eccentric

Item Links
1. Feather Stole in white
2. Feather Bolero Jacket
3. Sable jumpsuit in Emerald Green
4. Midnight Blue Silk Velvet Jumpsuit
5. Antique rose cashmere coat
6. Kimono
7. Milkstone necklace in Garnet
8. Deco Pearl Tassel Necklace

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Mint Ruffle dress with Cropped Sleeves / Feather stole in white
01:14 – Flapper Dress with yellow, blue and Purple beading
02:10 – Emerald Green velvet Jumpsuit and Opera Coat
02:52 – Midnight Blue silk velvet Jumpsuit and Kimono
03:21 – Green Sable fan print dress and Antique Rose Cashmere Coat
03:50 – Kristen Dress in Silver Blue Lace & Periwinkle Blue Blulero with feather headdress

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