Sticky Bras are they any good A crossdressers experience

sticky bras are they any good? As a crossdresser, I’m always looking for a way of enhancing what would be my bustline. There are many sticky bras available but the basic question is when put to the test would they be any good? Can you produce a more feminine bustline using any of the current options available on the market? If you are a genetic or cisgender female would any of the sticky bras work for you well we are about to find out as I put several options to the test?

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction To Sticky Bras
02:49 – Deep cleavage design sticky bra
06:06 – Single shell silicone sticky bra
10:50 – Pull-up Cups
14:43 – Fabric shell sticky bra
17:57 – Summary and recommendations.

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