Sweater Girls Style ♥ Crossdressing in public 👏What Katie Did😃

Sweater Girls of the 1950s had style and attraction in no small part due to the iconic Bullet Bras of the time. With the help of What Katie Did Lingerie I hope to relive those glamorous times even if it is for a short while. Take a walk with me in the park and enjoy the experience. Girls like Marilyn Monroe and Pattie Page made the sweater girls image so popular. Madonna in her vouge bullet bra outfits re-ignited interest something we should be grateful for.

Link To the Lingerie in the video
1. Black Bullet Bra
2. Waspie
3. Knickers
4. Suspender Belt
5. Stockings

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Time for a walk
02:25 – Thanks for watching

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