Trying cheap wigs from amazon all the details you need to know

trying cheap wigs from amazon why not after all crossdressing can be an expensive hobby and Amazon is a good place to start to look for your wigs they are often cheaper than you imagine but be wary there are potential pitfalls. I have purchased many wigs over the years and whilst it is true you get what you pay for there are instances where the big manufacturers will provide unbranded styles direct to the public and greatly reduced prices. In this review, I will be showing you all the cheap wigs I have purchased from Amazon one at a time and explaining/showing you exactly what they are like. Each of the wigs will be a reference and or linked below.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 – General Introduction why this video?
01:34 – Wig 1 Medium Length Baby pink with fringe
02:11 – Wig 2 Extra Long curly Ombre wig
02:57 – Wig 3 Extra Long wavy Obre style
03:52 – Wig 4 Stunning Long length Ombre styled wig.
04:47 – Wig 5 Burgundy Long Strength Styled wig
05:45 – Wig 6 Golden Blond Long Straight with Fringe.
06:23 – Wig 7 Short Ombre Brown/golden Blonde Pixie style.
07:16 – Wig 8 Gray/Brown/Golden Blond Extra long style
08:17 – Wig 9 Delicate pink tips on Ombre brown long length with fringe
09:37 – Wig 10 Dark Rooted Ombre Blonde style with fringe.
10:31 – Wig 11 Blond / Brown ombre natural Wave long-length style.
11:29 – Wig summary and technical overviews.

Wig 1
Wig 9

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