Wigs For BEGINNERS How to guide with wig experts Jon Renau | Crossdressing the essential wig info

All you need to know about wigs, why are some styles more expensive than others. Exactly how to measure your head to ensure you select the correct size cap. What the critical measurements of the wig are and where it should sit. What is the difference between the various cap constructions, as well as how long your wig should last? These questions and so many more are answered expertly by Emily Buckwalter of Jon Renau Wigs.

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Cost of wigs why is there such a cost difference?
02:30 – Difference in Wig Cap Constructions
05:00 – Benefits of wig cap constructions
09:30 – How do you measure your head to ensure the correct fit
16:00 – Where are the fringe, crown, nape and sides going to fit on me? How to measure.
17:50 – I have lots of hair what advice can you offer?
20:30 – Where is the wig going to sit on MY head?
22:22 – What’s the most popular styles
24:45 – Heat Defiant Wigs / Styles – and looking after your wig.
26:59 – How long will my wig last?

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