Youtube Featured Request

Thank you for taking the time to drop in here! I hope can work together on a collaboration that will be beneficial to us both. Listed below is a brief outline of what I envisage as a “Featured” video on our YouTube channel and what we hope we can achieve.


Like you I have a deep desire and passion for topics I cover on my channel and it is great to collaborate with like minded souls. The principal objective of the “FEATURED” videos we would like to incorporate on our channel is to reinforce some of those passions through others and highlight their (in this case your) passion for the subject. The framework of the video is structured in a way that you get to answer pertinent questions on your passion/topic and reinforce it with clips from your videos.

Basic Structure of the video/colab

Opening example – HI I’m XYZ for the XYZ channel and I want to thank Sophie for inviting me on the channel to talk about one of my passions XXXXXX which is something I’m deeply passionate about, so lets dive into it by answering a couple of questions and see where we go with it.

We would have an agreed list of questions and it would be structured in a way that you would read the question leave a 2-3 second gap then answer it. When it comes to the editing we will cut the 2-3 seconds portion out and do a slide in with the question and fade to you answering.

At appropriate times we can/will edit in some agreed content from any of your videos to reinforce any statements.

I think 5-10 questions would be more than enough with a total video time after we have edited between 6-10 minutes (more if your like). At the bottom of the page there is an extensive list of potential questions for you to consider as example.

What’s in it for you?:

  1. We will promote your channel in the description and on screen – plus in my original opening and at the end with a call to action to visit your channel/subscribe to it.
  2. Exposure to our subscribers that will have an interest in your content.
  3. We will promote any other social media accounts you have on screen
  4. We will drop mensions in our Instagram, twitter and facebook feeds.

What is our commitment?

  1. We will do all the editing and present it to you for approval BEFORE release/uploading
  2. We will work with you on the questions and associated inputs like video snipitts etc
  3. Design the thumbnail and seek your approval before using it. Also the wording for the description.

What is your commitment?

  1. Opening and ending statements
  2. Answering agreed questions
  3. Providing insights into which if any of your videos we can grad some content to slot into the interview if appropriate. i.e you say the answer to a question like who are your favorite retro designers? You say “what katie did – in fact I did a recent video on there XX …. We could cut to a small extract of that video and drop the url in the description if they wish to watch it later etc.
Tha above is a basic outline and we would love to work with you. Please feel free to email me on if you require any additional information or assistance.

Sample Questions

  1. What do you enjoy most about crossdressing
  2. How would you describe your style
  3. What is your favourite makeup brand
  4. stiletto heels or flats
  5. Who has influenced you to date
  6. favourite outfit and why
  7. When did you first go out in public
  8. What’s on your bucket list of things to do
  9. If you could go anywhere where would it be and why
  10. If you could change one thing what would it be?
  11. Short or long hair
  12. How old were you when you realized you were different? 
  13. Have you ever told anyone you were a Crossdresser? If yes who?
  14. At what age did you come up with your femme name?  
  15. Did you use any other femme names before you chose your current name if so what was it? 
  16. How did you come up with your Femme name? 
  17. Have you ever been caught dressed? 
  18. How did the people you told take it?  
  19. Are you married?  
  20. Does your spouse know? and if so are they accepting?  
  21. What was the first article of women’s clothes you ever bought? 
  22. What was the last article of women’s clothes you bought? 
  23. Long or short skirts? 
  24. Do you venture out dressed? If yes how often do you go out dressed? 
  25. If you could go back and change one thing about your Crossdressing what would it be? 
  26. Do you feel being a Crossdresser makes you a better person? If yes how so?
  27. How long were you dating / married before you told your significant other or spouse? 
  28. What is your favourite article of clothing? 
  29. If you have bought your own clothes,  have you ever had any issues with people in the shop?  
  30. What is your greatest Crossdressing accomplishment?  
  31. What is your favourite brand of make-up?  
  32. Do you wear perfume? If yes what is your favourite fragrance?  
  33. How many lipsticks do you own?  
  34. What is your favourite colour of lipstick called? 
  35. Did you buy breast forms or do you make your own? 
  36. Do you ever have dreams related to Crossdressing? if yes what was it?
  37. What’s your Favourite hair removal method?  Shaving.
  38. If you could spend a day with anyone else dressed who would it be? 
  39. Do you have space in the closet for your clothes or do you have to hide them? 
  40. Have you ever purged your clothes? 
  41. Given the opportunity would you take a job where you could work as either your male or female self at any time?  
  42. Do you paint your natural fingernails or use fake ones?
  43. What Colour do you like to use on your fingernails?  
  44. Do you keep your toenails painted? 
  45. If you wear makeup what part do you find the hardest to learn how to do? 
  46. Have you ever had a professional makeover?  
  47. Have you ever worn a Bikini or other swimsuit?  
  48. Do you own or have you ever worn a Wedding Dress?  
  49. Do you own a wig or use your own hair? 
  50. How often are you able to dress up during the week?  
  51. How many Blouses do you own?  
  52. How many Skirts do you own?  
  53. How many Dresses do you own?  
  54. How many bras’s do you own?  
  55. How many pair’s of panties do you own? 
  56. What is your favourite colour for lingerie?  
  57. Stockings or tights? 
  58. Favourite place to shop?
  59. Favourite place to shop for Makeup?  
  60. Favourite place to shop for clothes? 
  61. Favourite place to shop for Lingerie?  
  62. The best time you can think of spent dressed?  
  63. If you could have the ultimate day out where would you go? 
  64. The funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while Crossdressing? 
  65. Do you have pierced ears or wear clip ons? 
  66. How long did it take you to learn how to walk in heels?  
  67. Name an article of Women’s clothing you can’t live without? 
  68. What is one article of Women’s clothes you don’t like? 
  69. What is your Favorite colour for a dress?
  70. What stops you from ‘dressing’ in public?
  71. When did you first know your taste in fashion was different from other boys? 
  72. When did you tell your wife?
  73. What would you tell your 5-year-old self if you could? 
  74. Do you shave your chest and armpits as well as your legs? 
  75. Have you ever told anyone and they reacted badly? 
  76. What was your most surprising reaction when telling someone?
  77. How did you feel the first time you ‘dressed’? 
  78. How did you feel the last time you ‘dressed’?
  79. Do you and your wife share clothes? 
  80. What do you wish everyone understood about why you dress that no one seems to really get?
  81. How do you hide your 5 o’clock shadow? 
  82. If you could go somewhere on the planet where not one soul knew who you were and publicly dress, would you?
  83. Do you think you’ll ever tell your children? 
  84. What will you tell your children (if you don’t intend to tell them) and they find out accidentally? 
  85. Where the hell do you find shoes to fit? 
  86. What is the longest you have ever dressed for? 
  87. Do your bra and panties have to match? 
  88. Do you find there is a big difference between your male and female self?
  89. Does it matter to you if you “Pass” or not?
  90. 90. Do you “Pass”? 
  91. How long does it take you to get all dressed up?
  92. If you had a chance to remove your desire to Crossdress would you take it?
  93. Do you have any female role models and if so who are they? 
  94. Do you listen to anything while getting ready? 
  95. What do you expect crossdressing to teach you about being a woman and the experiences associated with it?
  96. Do your personal or political views change as a result of the experiences of crossdressing? 
  97. Have your views on relationships changed with crossdressing in your life?  
  98. What was your best Crossdressing experience?
  99. What was your worst Crossdressing experience?