Crossdressing Eyebrow Blocking Ideas

How to block eyebrows? If you are looking to cover your eyebrows in order to recreate a new shape totally or to achieve that “drag” sensational diva look then simply follow the steps we have outlined in the video. Blocking brows can appear a challenging task at first but fear not we take through the entire process listing out all the products used during the making of this video. So if you are looking for eyebrow blocking ideas then this is a great place to start.

All of the products and associated links are listed below for your convenience:

1. Cine Wax
2. Eyebrow Plastic
3. HD Pro Gum
4. Spirit Gum
5. Translucent Powder (Shade TL3)

In addition to the individual products listed above Kryolan Cosmetics also produce an eyebrow design kit containing all the products required to block your eyebrows with the exception of the translucent powder. The link is listed below:

1. Eyebrow Design Kit

The following tracks are used in this video and attributed as follows:

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