Crossdressing False eyelashes how to select and apply.

Having Problems applying your false eyelashes? In this short presentation, we will look at three designs of false eyelashes from cheap to 3D silk lashes concentrating on how to apply the glue and position the lashes to ensure you look fabulous. You don’t have to be interested in crossdressing to appreciate the challenge it can be to apply lashes. Whilst practice does make it a lot easier, knowing the basics can save a lot of trouble, cost and frustration.

This video presentation covers the basic equipment/tools you will require to make the job as easy as possible. From tweezers, glue and that all-important mirror, we have it all covered. Lashes help to emphasize and define your eyes fully they can make a significant difference to your overall look. I would always recommend concentrating on mastering how to get your lashes positioned and blended correctly.

There is no substitute for honing your skills with constant practice, hopefully, this video will provide you with the basic skills and inspire you to give it a go. Remember start with cheap lashes and take your time Rome was not built in a day ad looking fabulous no matter what your age is worth the time and practice.

You can obtain the Amazing Shine lashes referred to in this video by following This LINK

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