Crossdressing how to get those important curves and bust line

This crossdressing step by step guide for a glamours impact look is combined with creating curves in all the right places. You can achieve instant glam and a bust line to boot in these easy to follow steps. Increase your confidence and be proud of your lifestyle choice that’s our objective. In this two-stage process, we initially concentrate on achieving the glamours cosmetic look. We will take you through the whole process step by step, where applicable identifying all the products used.

The second stage is refining the figure to make it appear more feminine. This involves a little taping trick for your bustline as well as adding some important curves around the hip and thigh area using silicone hip pads. The final stage involves placing on a full length corset. This particular corset has built-in pockets for silicone breast forms which further enhance your figure.

Links are provided for the items used throughout this video. Please feel free to comment and share. Should you wish to contact us directly all the social icons are present on our website.

Time Stamps
If you want to dive into a specific part/section of the video then the following links may be of assistance:
1. 0.49 Instant facelift tapes
2. 5.14 Defining your Eyebrows
3. 13.43 Fitting the Silicone Hip Pads
4. 16:34 Getting into the corset /strutting your stuff.

1. Art Harding Facelift Tapes.
2. Mac Face & Body Foundation.
3. Silicone Hip Pads.