Crossdressing makeover Male to Female transformation

Follow this short step by step crossdressing makeover brought to you by Sophie. She will take you through this short male to female transformation makeover presentation. If you are a crossdresser looking for a little assistance or just curious how to apply makeup sit back and relax. This tutorial is designed to be easy to follow and repeat and is only one of the videos available on this website that focuses on crossdressing aspects.

The model is almost 60 so please don’t to too harsh with your comments. Having said that we are always delighted to hear from you with any comments you may have relating to this or any video presented here on this site.

The links to all the items used in the makeup tutorial are listed below should you wish to check them out.

Makeup Brushes Used:
Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush
Mac Shade Brush – No 231
Kryolan Sable Slant Brush
Mac 130S Dual Fibre Brush
Blending Brush 81460

Ancillary Items
Art Harding Face Lift Tapes
Amazing Shine False Eyelashes – No 138
Duo Brush-On Strip Lash Adhesive Shade Black

Cosmetics Used:
Mac Face and Body Foundation shade N5
Mac Eyeshadow Shade Grape
Mac Eyeshadow Shade Circa Plum
Mac Eyeshadow Shade Kitsches
Mac Eyeshadow Shade Vanilla
Mac Brushstroke Liner Shade Black
Mac Khol Pencil Shade Smoulder
Kryolan Mascara shade Black
Mac Spiked Eyebrow Styler
Mac Lip Liner Pencil Shade Nitemoth
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Shade Backstage Bambi
Joe Blasco Lip Glazz Shade Scarlett
Mac Extra Dimension Blush Shade Pleasure Modal
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Shade Soft & Gentle

If you are looking for a makeover or a dressing service in Brighton the then you can find Sophie Summers at Translife Dressing Service where she does makeovers on a daily basis.