Detailed Economy Silicone Breast Forms review

The objective of this video is to provide a detailed economy silicone breast forms review, focusing on the general construction, shape and fit of each of the silicone breast forms designs. We take a look at the traditional oval (teardrop) and triangle forms showing each one of the sizes in a bra on a crossdresser (Model Sophie Summers).

The model has a male 38ā€ chest so you can see the shape and projection of each of the silicone breast forms as they are shown one at a time. The silicone breast forms are from the Transform Natural Look range. The range has four sizes which are a size 4,6,8 and 10. The cup size of the breast forms is dependant on your make flat chest size, a chart is provided in the video for you to check the appropriate size form for your chest measurements.

All the forms shown in this video are manufactured in the United States of America.

Further details and a full-size chart can be viewed by following the appropriate links below:

Natural Look Ovals
Natural look Triangles

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