Colour Theory what shades of eyeshadow for your undertone

This is the second in the crossdressing series entitled “Being the best you can be”. We focus on the basics of colour theory and how colours are matched together in terms of cool and warm tones. We then relate that to your skin’s undertones to help identity colour combinations that work successfully for both you choice of makeup and your clothing. During the video we use several slides to demonstrate colour combinations specifically for eyeshadow.

Should you wish to purchase a colour wheel you can do so by following THIS LINK

Listed below are all the Download Linds for the PDF slides used in this video plus some extra one please feel free to download them:

a. 12 eyeshadow combinations based on VIOLET – Download HERE
b. 12 eyeshadow combinations based on Orange/Red – Download HERE
c. 12 eyeshadow combinations based on Navy Blue – Download HERE d. Eyeshadow Chart – Download HERE

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