Crossdressing the last taboo

Is crossdressing the last taboo in the twenty-first century? We take a look at what prompted this question and some of the possible answers. If your a crossdresser yourself, a partner of one or maybe curious then you may find some of the answers here. Does one simple question appear to be always asked why crossdress? These are some of my personal views based on discussions with other like-minded souls over many a year. How many times have I heard the question why do men crossdress – way too many times.

Not all the answers are contained in this video, they are however supported by the fact that I have lived, worked and been actively involved in the crossdressing/transgender community within the UK for a considerable period of time. I have worked with and interviewed many people on their journey through life. Some have taken the final decision to transform fully others are more than happy in their daily roles.