Top 10 Venues Crossdressing in Brighton

My Current top 10 venues to visit when crossdressing in Brighton including a bonus two great little restaurants. Brighton is, without doubt, one of the principal places to venture out if you are a crossdresser. Kempton and the surrounding area is full of bars, clubs and restaurants that will welcome you with open arms. This review covers Legends, the Queen’s Arms, The Zone, Bar Amsterdam, Funky Fish, The Affinity Bar, The Bulldog, Charles Street Tap, The Camelford Arms, Bedford Tavern, Grosvenor plus a review of two restaurants in and around Charles Street. Brighton has always supported the alternative lifestyle approach so you will be assured of a safe environment.

This will undoubtedly be revised, as time goes by establishments change, some close and new ones open up. So in effect, this is part one we are going to revisit and amend the listing so please call back often.