Crossdressing breastplate for crossdressers, drag queens full review

Crossdressers, Drag Queens and those who are yet to make your minds up! Have you considered owning a breastplate? Well, in this video, I review a latex breastplate (made for crossdressing) and share the benefits and practicality of having and wearing a breastplate. We cover the various design aspects and models available on today’s market as well as sharing our thoughts on what they are like to wear. We look at two designs of breastplates from a light shade to a standard shade in a C and large cup. So if you like to live an alternative lifestyle and you have always wanted to know more about these items then pull up a seat, relax and enjoy the show. If you ever wondered how drag queens breasts are always so realistic this might just be the reason?

Just imagine all the dresses you could wear when you slip into this product.